Borgess boulevard

NAME : Bourges Boulevard  DATE : 2015  CLIENT : PeterboroughCity Council  PARTNERS : Darke Steel


Initially we had been commissioned to create a piece of public art to sit within the public realm, which formed part of the highways works along Bourges Boulevard, but after consultation and some issues with funding, the brief changed and we were tasked with creating decorative railings and planters for the central reservation of the dual carriageway.


The road is sited very close to Peterborough railway station, and as part of the plans for the redevelopment works sought to help those coming from the train station to safely cross the road into the town, we thought this would be a great theme. There is also a strong connection with the Fenlands; boats, water & plant life, so these themes are depicted within the designs too.

We have used weathering steel for all the items within the central reservation. This material references Peterborough’s great manufacturing sector, but also is a durable, low maintenance solution.

A local fabrication company manufactured all of the works, which again was important to the client. 


Radio clip

On Thursday 2nd April, the Peterborough project was featured on a BBC 4 radio production 360 Arts. It was mostly accurate, but showed an interesting perspective. 

To listen here is the link;

"Jessica Lack tells the tale of one city's attempt to commission their first piece of public art for years.... She calls nationwide expert witnesses to explain why commissioning public art is so much easier said than done - and why it matters, even in times of austerity.

Producer: Catherine Carr
A Loftus Media Production for BBC Radio 4"

Photograph from the BBC website, showing the Installation at Bourges Boulevard.

Photograph from the BBC website, showing the Installation at Bourges Boulevard.