Celebration of Chester

NAME : Celebration of Chester   DATE : 1992   LOCATION : Chester   Foundry : Pangolin


The commission was to design and create a civic sculpture, to be entitled 'Celebration of Chester', the first public sculpture for many generations, to coincide with the 900th anniversary celebrations surrounding Chester Cathedral.


 This 5m high bronze sculpture consists of three large figurative shapes, each reflective of an aspect of the city's or citizen's life.

The first figure ‘Protection’, evokes the enfolding city walls and the civic responsibility to protect the individual and similarly the individuals responsibility to the community. The figure appropriately looks towards the Town Hall.

The second figure held within the protective cover is ‘Industry’. Its spiralling form bends towards the ground, suggestive of each persons need to work and be creative, adding to the health and wealth of the city. This figure inclines to the main shopping area.

The third figure ‘Thanksgiving’, is centrally positioned, effectively protected by the other two figures. It looks toward the cathedral and symbolises the spiritual life of the individual and of the community and of freedom of expression.

The commission evolved through the partnership of Chester Cathedral, Chester City Council and Capital Bank, a major employer in the city.


A temporary studio was erected in Grosvenor Park, where people witnessed and even assisted in the making of the models that would be cast in bronze. This exciting process helped to create a sense of ownership of the first contemporary sculpture in the city centre for many generations.

Celebration of Chester was unveiled in Chester Town Hall Square in September 1992, as part of the 900th anniversary celebrations of Chester Cathedral.