NAME : I Come From...  DATE : 2013 - CLIENT : Sheffield City Council  -  LOCATION : Sheffield -  PARTNERS : Cumbrian Stone,  SJM Plant Hire,  AJ Wells & Sons Ltd


The design, manufacture and installation of sculptural markers formed part of the Chaucer Public Space Improvements. The designs were developed with a project team and through a programme of research and engagement in the neighbourhood.


The stone features tie together inlayed stove enamelled panels and carved text from the ‘I come from... community process and images created by artist Peter Griffiths, made in collaboration with community groups.

The roundabout feature serves as a distinctive and colourful visual gateway. A landform was created with five identical organic shaped motifs, similar in form that connect the business college and the learning centre. The shapes are carved and have inlayed stove enamelled designs.

The four metre high stone totem continues the theme, making a visual link with Chaucer shopping parade. The shape is split along it’s length revealing a stove enamelled design and ‘I come from...’ texts.


It was great to have an opportunity to collaborate with Sheffield based artists Stacey Sampson and Vicky Morris along with the PX youth media project. They enabled a community's voice to be heard in a remarkable way and we are delighted that 100 of these distinct community voices have been permanently recorded within the finished stone artworks.