NAME • Cleveleys Promenade  DATE • 2008  CLIENT • Wyre Council  LOCATION • Cleveleys  PARTNERS • Birse Civils 

We worked collaboratively from the outset with Wyre Council, Ferguson & McIlveen  and Faber Maunsell to create an exciting new promenade and sea defence scheme for the coastline at Cleveleys. This award winning new public space also creates a safer defence from the rising sea.

Along with influencing the form of the public realm and sea defence walls, unique seating solutions, lighting columns and shelters have been designed by Broadbent, that integrate into the sea defence scheme. The elements have been manufactured from the same cast aggregate as the sea defence wall. Broadbent has continued to work with Wyre Borough Council to produce a framework vision document for the cultural regeneration of the Wyre Coastline, resulting in the award of a sea change grant.

This scheme has won many national awards. 

There was an aspiration for artworks to be included on the promenade, however, the funding was not available, but we were able to produce a public art vision document for the Council to encourage future works.

The Mythic Coast vision was born from further phases of the promenade sea defence scheme. 



The Mythic Coast project was conceived by Stephen Broadbent and forms part of a cultural vision and strategy document created by Broadbent studio in 2010.

The aim of the Mythic Coast has been to develop a narrative for the seafront from Cleveleys to Fleetwood, that will draw people along the coastline and connect communities.

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