Ellesmere port - civic square

NAME : Ellesmere Port, Civic Square  DATE : 2004  CLIENT : Ellesmere Port & Neston BC  LOCATION : Ellesmere Port  PARTNERS :  Hardscape, LEW Foundry, Craig Bragdy Ceramics, Baldock's Furniture  


The studio was retained by Ellesmere Port Borough Council to help implement Phase 2 of the town’s environmental improvements, after the success of the Phase 1 Gateway Project.

Designs were produced for the main shopping areas and the Civic Square, which included urban elements, a community art project, decorative elements for a water feature and a large interactive artwork. 

Unique seating units were designed for each area of the scheme, ensuring each was appropriate for the need of the users in that space; including bespoke seating to create a contemplative area around the War Memorial within the Civic Square. The ‘Mast Seats’ were set along Marine Walk, and the ‘Memorial Bench’ and ‘Civic Seats’  arranged in the new Civic Square.

The scheme was successfully completed in February 2006.