Long causeway - Flora & Fauna

NAME : Flora and Fauna  DATE : 2015  CLIENT : Peterborough City Council LOCATION : Peterborough PARTNERS : Scribblestone, David Freeman (blacksmith), John Merrill (sculptor - wood)


We were commissioned to create art interventions to help define a new public space within the city centre.

Peterborough Council have an ambition to be the greenest city in the country and wanted to create an external area where these ambitions could be reinforced.


Our response to this space was to create a graphic floor design, which explores the natural environment around Peterborough and the importance of the global environment. The design is encircled by a famous poem from local poet John Clare.

The floor has been manufactured by Scribblestone from green granite. In order to create the design, it has been blasted, to 3 different depths, some areas have been etched and others left polished, to ensure a high level of contrast in the design detail

We established an opportunity for schools to create poems, the best of which have been cast into a bronze strip, which is encompassed within the seats around the floor design.

To define this new space we created decorative boundary markers, which celebrate the native trees found within Peterborough. They stand 3m tall and are manufactured from English Oak and the metalwork ‘leaves’ have been created by contemporary blacksmith artist David Freedman.