Frank whittle

NAME : Frank Whittle Memorial  DATE : 2005  CLIENT : Rugby Borough Council & Warwick County Council  LOCATION : Rugby  PARTNERS :  Leander Foundry


A commemorative sculpture commissioned to celebrate the achievements of Sir Frank Whittle, the “father of the jet engine”.  Whittle designed many of the initial prototypes at the British Thomson Houston (BTH) works in Rugby. Contributions from the public, local businesses, Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council made the commemoration possible.


The 4.8 metre high bronze sculpture reflects Whittle as a visionary and is partly inspired from a painting by Rod Lovesey.  Sir Frank Whittle’s son, Ian, unveiled the sculpture on 21st October 2005 in Chestnut Field Rugby, along with a number of those who worked with Sir Frank who were on hand to talk about their experiences at this exciting time for engineering.