Leopold square

NAME : Leopold Square  DATE : 2007  CLIENT : Ask Developments  LOCATION : Sheffield PARTNERS : Plan-it IE


A stunning collection of Grade II listed Victorian school buildings, have been sensitively redeveloped with contemporary new-builds in this mixed use development, with a new public square at its heart.

Through landscape architects Planit EDC, Broadbent were commissioned to produce sculptural seating units for the public square, which would celebrate something of the life and history of the old Sheffield Central School. Former pupils of this old school were asked to provide personal memories, either as written statements or drawings, and these were then etched and cast into the bronze seating units. 

Leopold Square has become a ‘green oasis’ for city dwellers and workers to escape the cut and thrust of urban life.
— http://www.planit-ie.com/portfolio_page/leopold-square-sheffield/