Mercer strEet champions

NAME : Mercer Street Champions  DATE : 2008  CLIENT : Preston City Council  LOCATION : Preston  PARTNERS : Guy Woodland, Lancashire Youth & Community Services


A community art feature that takes the form of four Totems, positioned to reinforce the landscape improvement of a previously run down area in Preston. The 4m high structures are made from purpleheart timber, copper and include decorative glazed ceramic tiles.


The artwork celebrates the lives and memories of eight local people, young and old. The individuals were selected and their stories collected by a local youth group, with the help of local Youth Services. A photographic portrait and an extract of their personal stories have been screen printed and fired onto the tiles running the full length of the totem.

The youth group gained the support of the local newspaper, and a supporting booklet was produced by the local Neighbourhood Services Dept, which fully tells the individual stories, along with additional photographs. The booklets were free to locals and available from all community buildings/facilities. It was unveiled on 28th May 2008 by Cllr John Swindells, Mayor of Preston.