NAME : Reconciliation  DATE : 1990   LOCATION : Liverpool, Belfast & Glasglow   PARTNERS : Photography Dave Williams


A positive and hopeful symbol, Reconciliation grew from the expression of an individual desire for reconciliation, to a project that spanned and linked the cities of Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool.

The sculpture depicts two figures embracing; being reconciled. 
Through their embrace, the two figures become one, a unity that is emphasised by the root solidity of their form. The figures themselves are universal and within their features can be identified anyone, or any group of us, transcending the boundaries of gender, colour or creed.

The sculpture was modelled in Belfast with the help of young people from each of the cities. The work was made possible by the support of voluntary organisations, local city councils, senior churchmen, numerous businesses and local action groups.

Three 12 ft sculptures were cast in Iron and finished in Liverpool, prior to their siting and simultaneous unveiling in each city on 19th September 1990.