NAME : Seasons  DATE : 2002  LOCATION : Manchester  CLIENT : Manchester City Council  PARTNERS : BDP Landscape, Leander Foundry, Aitken & Howard Timber


Working closely with Building Design Partnership BDP, the aim was to successfully integrate art and design within the wider landscape, and to create a sense of place to Cathedral Gardens. 


‘Seasons’ was the chosen theme for this family of artworks within a new urban park called Cathedral Gardens, situated alongside Manchester Cathedral and the Urbis Museum.

The water feature has three main areas: the Source Pool, the Rill and Finale Pool. Beginning in the source pool, six large bronze leaves representing Autumn, create a lively cascade of water, with low relief typography on the leaves depicting a poem by John Donne.

In the finale pool, stand four large bronze and timber posts, indicative of maritime groins. Between each of these posts undulating plumes of water create a dramatic curving wall. The four posts, ranging in height from 2m to 8m, are carved and modelled with low relief designs, each representing one of the four seasons. Melanie Jackson was the lead designer from Broadbent.