Sheppard Memorial

NAME : David Sheppard Memorial  DATE : 2011   CLIENT :  Liverpool Cathedral  LOCATION :  Liverpool Cathedral  PARTNERS : Adrian Wright (stonemason)

The memorial was dedicated at a ceremony on 7th May 2011 by the Dean Justin Welby, in attendance was David and Grace Sheppard's great friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The memorial is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional memorial stone, designed to evoke a sense of intrigue and wonder. The abstract nature of the work communicates on many levels and permits a range of thoughts, whilst adding a spiritual dimension to inspire reflection in a personal or corporate way.

A white Portland stone is set in the sandstone wall of the Cathedral, creates a feeling of being 'embedded' or 'making an impression', with the sandstone of the cathedral representing the wider city. The shapes that radiate from the design, could be seen as ripples or boundaries. The notion of 'breaking boundaries', is one that resonates with Bishop David's family, and is reminiscent of his cricketing, professional and personal achievements. The drawing together of these two shaped forms is also reflective of his ministry of reconciliation, which is further highlighted through the text from Jeremiah 29:7

The smooth surface of the white stone is not flawless, for only God is without blemish. It is set at a height where visitors are able to touch and engage with it.

The floor plaque directly below the artwork covers the casket of Bishop David and Grace, Lady Sheppard; whose ashes were interred on 6th May 2011 to be alongside her husband. The memorial was funded by more than 200 individual donors.