better together - Sheppard worlock memorial

NAME : Better Together  DATE : 2008  LOCATION :  Hope Street, Liverpool  CLIENT : Liverpool Echo  PARTNERS : Castle Fine Art Foundry, Photocast Products


A commission to create a memorial sculpture to celebrate the lives and achievements of Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard, sited on Hope Street, which connects Liverpool’s two Cathedrals,


The bronze sculpture, is entitled ‘Better Together’,  and takes the form of two 4.5m high doors. It’s strong visual presence frames the views of the Cathedrals and allows the viewer to walk between the ‘open doors’.

Low relief press cuttings and other symbols from Bishop David and Archbishop Derek’s lives allow the audience to engage with the piece further. 

The two doors, each stand on a circle and there is a third circle which enables the viewer to stand at eye level to the figures and appear to engage them in conversation. That third circle could, however, be imagined to contain the figure of Christ - unseen, yet ever present in their lives and partnership.
— Lady Grace Sheppard


The sculpture was funded through public subscription, organised by the Liverpool Echo newspaper. It was unveiled by Bishop James Jones, Archbishop Patrick Kelly, Baptist Minister Phil Jump and Cllr Paul Clark, Lord Mayor of LIverpool on 11th May 2008.